Solar Explorer

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Explore new worlds that this mod adds, find bosses kill them, obtain epic weapons!


Biomes-There are 6 biomes currently in the mod!


-Flumium Biome spawns in overworld.It is pretty swamp looking.

-The Tall Biome spawns in overworld.It has really tall trees with coal on top.

-Asteroid Impact Biome spawns in overworld.It is a wasteland oblitereted by asteroid impacts,there you will find tresure inside asteroids.

-Mars Biome spawns in Mars Dimension.In it you will find a boss.Its a cold sandy wasteland.

-Moon Biome spawns in Moon Dimension.Nothing special there just a lot of moon stone.

-Phobos Biome spawns in Phobos Dimension.It has Phobos stone and same like moon one it is nothing too special.


Tools -There is a lot of different interesting tools that you can obtain.


-Flumium Tools are stronger than Diamond.

-Cromium Tools are stronger than Flumium.

-Steel Tools are stronger than Cromium.

-From Meteor there is only a Sword dealing 16 dmg.

-There is a RoboSword too it is the strongest in the whole mod dealing 25 dmg.

-There are Guns in the mod too.

-The pistol has very low durability it can shoot only 2 times! But it deals a lot of dmg.

-The ElectroRifle is really strong it is nearly unbreakable but it uses redstone blocks for ammo.


-Blocks-Blocks are not rare in this mod there is a lot!


-Machine-There is only one at the moment and thats a tablet you can do a lot of cool stuff with it.


-Dimensions-there are 3 dimensions currently


-Mars is a cold wasteland full of bacteria and bosses watchout!


-Phobos is a moon of mars and its preety cool.


-Moon is a rocky wasteland.


-Mobs- There are currently only 3 mobs but i will add more

-Bacteria is a weak mob found at mars!


-Marster is a boss a strong one too it has 800Hp 12Atk and players walk speed! It will drop one of the end game items.


-Training Dummy is a mod that wont move and you can attack him he wont fight back and test your weapons on him he has 1000Hp.


If you find any Bugs report them and the first person to report a bug will get an easter egg about them in the mod!

If you are recording a mod review of this mod give a shoutout to BoneCraftSrb™


JamesXD3443 found a bug that worlds wont generate for some reason!

Modification files
Solar Explorer Beta 1.10.2.jar - Awesome mode that will make you adicted!674.27 KB

-added Asteroid Impact biome, bug fixes, added credits,added tablet.{version: 1.10.2}

Probably you should draw the textures to make your mod look better! Anyways, the gameplay is good but, it should be fixed too... If I needed to rate your mod it was 6/10 (good)