Nether II: Rise of the Flames



This mod expand on the nether. I always thought the nether was stupid because there was no reason to stay you get what you need then leaves so i made this mod so people would want to stay.

Currently entering the nether crashes the game so i made a duplicate dimension made the same way as the nether portal exept with nether flute as an igniter. In the folder there is a recipe folder and a bug list.

There is an easter egg in the game which will allow you to get the best sword ever it will kill any mob ( wither and dragon) excluded in one hit. Thank you for supporting the mod and if you like my work i will be releasing some other mods soon.For more info visit

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Release type
In development
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Submitted by GabJam on Fri, 08/09/2013 - 20:04

That is the best I can't wait till you make more keep up the good work

ur mod is the best i think you will win keep up the good work. i would love to see more great mods come from u

Thank you to the community for all your support its a huge honor just to be in the top 10.

Once Guis are added I will start to finish another big mod I have been working on

The next update for this mod will be around Halloween provided minecraft doesn't update

Your mod is the best I've seen made from Mcreator! I love it! I might use it in my LP series (if you don't mind at all).

Thanks and you can definently use my mod. Thank again for the suport

I havn't even played the mod yet and I can already tell your's is the best mod.