The Stone Age Mod

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bubuga you need stone to have stone and pray to the god of stone for our care.

He has a mission for you.

He watches over us, he watches us, he creates us these worlds

to have fun of us.
He gives us a pattern

and other things.

but at the moment we only play with small pebbles for you until that moment of the end arrives.

In The Next Version ???:

- ???

-??? ???? ???


You Need Back In The Time My Friend this history not finish today... or yes?

I See You In The Final Path My Friend.

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Stone Age Mod 1.0.jar - Stone Age Mod 1.0 (Colors Stone)1.09 MB
Stone Age Mod 1.1.jar - Stone Age Mod 1.1 (Stones Zombies)1.12 MB
Stone Age Mod 1.2.jar - Stone Age Mod 1.2 (Usb Corrupted)1.14 MB

Stone Age Mod 1.0:

-Color Stone

-Spear Stone

-And More Stone Items


Stone Age Mod 1.1 Stones Zombies:

- New Items

- New Mobs


Stone Age Mod 1.2 Corrupted USB:

-New Items

-New Weapon

Not ahating on this mod but it's Alpha not Alfa :)