Paint Blocks Mod

Published by M4ttix_ on Mon, 04/09/2018 - 19:13
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Official release out now!




  • What types of features adds this mod?

  • This mod adds many colored blocks that can be used to make your world a better place!

           - There are 16 new blocks colored whit basics colors present in MineCraft Vanilla.




  • Why i should install this mod?

  • Well, you should install this mod because it adds more colors into your world.

           - Remember that many colors will be added soon!




  • How do I craft these blocks/items?

  • Paint blocks needs Paint Buckets to get craftable. But only one of them can be crafted by vanilla items: "The White Paint Block"!




  • The recipe is very easy to do, 1x Water Bucket - 4x Stone - 4x Bone Meal.




  • You can craft other Paint Blocks whit Paint Buckets, that can be crafted in this way (Red color example..):




  • 1x Water Bucket and 1x Colored Dye (You can craft them with all the dyes present in Minecraft Vanilla, except for White).




  • You can use Paint Buckets to craft Paint Blocks like this:




  • 1x Paint Bucket (You can use every paint to craft them) and 4x White Paint Blocks.



Modification files
Paint Blocks Mod (1.1.1).jar - Just a little update.500.11 KB

[VERSION 1.1.1 CHANGELOG] - 05/16/2018


  • Re-added the "Paint Brush" (only for aesthetics).
  • Bug fixes...
  • Version 1.2 Test just started.



[VERSION 1.1.0 CHANGELOG] - 04/16/2018


  • Added the "Gray Scale Block".
  • Added 15 paint buckets that are used to craft Paint Blocks (Animated Texture).
  • Added a new Creative Tab (Paint Blocks Mod - Paints).
  • Added a new advancement: (White before the truth).

          (Obtainable by crafting a "White Paint Block").

  • Renamed the caption of the first advancement (Craft a bucket full of Black Paint).
  • Removed the Creative Tab (Paint Blocks Mod - Tools).
  • Removed the brush (Because I decided to add Paint Buckets).
  • All the Paint Blocks are now craftable (except of RGB & Gray Scale Blocks).
  • Paint Blocks are no longer unbreakable (They have now the same hardness as the Gold Block).
  • The Mod is finally an Official Release!


P.S Now i'm working on a web page when I will publish news about my mods! Stay tuned for news!







  • Added the "RGB Paint Block".
  • Added 2 new Creative Tabs:

        (Paint Blocks Mod - Extras & Paint Blocks Mod - Tools)

  • Renamed the first Creative Tab to: "Paint Blocks Mod - Blocks"
  • Changed a little bit the Brush texture.
  • This is the latest Beta update, the next one will be a development update and will bring big things! (Maybe)








  • The brush now has a custom 3D model.
  • Changed the texture for the "brown paint block".
  • Added a new advancement: "Get Painted!" (Obtainable by crafting a brush). More coming soon!






  • Renamed the "Paintbrush" into "Brush".
  • Texture change for the brush.
  • Added a new look for the "Light Blue Paint Block" (Now the texture is less bright)
  • Added a crafting recipe for the brush (1x stick, 1x Iron nugget, 5x string)
  • 5% of the Brush GUI made... this will be implemented as a "test" later this year!



REMEMBER! All of this might change in future updates!


Finally the mod is on "official release phase".

Special thanks to..
- Friends (for support my work)
- My community (for the idea to make this mod)

Thanks everybody!

Really cool you even inspired me to make a mod like this! Thanks if i do one day i will give you credits :)

Is the disoriented texture on the paint bucket meant to be an animated texture, or is that just a glitch. Nice mod though