[Developement Stopped] Neon Ores

Published by Wh0C4res on Sat, 04/14/2018 - 11:26
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This mod is no longer supported by the creator. Thanks to everyone who downloaded. This modification will no longer be updated.

This Mod adds following:

- Custom Dimensions

- Custom Items [Weapons, Tools, ...]

- Custom Armor

- Custom Blocks

- Custom Ores

- Custom Mobs / Bosses

                                                                                          [The Ores also generate in the normal world and the nether]


Expect even more stuff to be added in the future.

Neon Ores Mod - Made by Wh0C4res [2018]

Modification files
neonoresmod.jar - Download version [1.0.2]395.01 KB
Neonores.jar - Download version [1.0.3]484.22 KB
neonoresv104.jar - Download the final version [1.0.4]541.83 KB


- Blue & Red Neon Crystals, Ores & Armor


- Green Neon Crystals, Armor & Blade

- Blue & Red Crystal Blades


- Gray, Purple & Orange Neon Crystals, Blades, Armor & Blocks

- Blue, Red, Green Neon Crystal Blocks


- Dimension Lighter

- Neon Dimension [Test version]

- OP Boss [Spawn egg] [WIP]

- Blocks which are only located at the Neon Dimension [Beta version]


mod very good, the neon textures were sensational, in addition it has a great variety of neon colors, which gives you the option to choose which one you used, I think you could improve the armor and neon swords by putting more intensity in the colors , using another program, without being the pylo mcreator to do them, then you would import the item into the mcreator

nice mod man

Thanks. I will try to improve the colors, but i'm just trying to get the basics done first, before editing it again.