nanosuit mod (Remake)

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This mod is currently under development. This mod adds nanosuit from crysis series. Armor is Survival ready. MCreator does not support arms in 3D armors so its only vest and leggings. This mod has improved energy system with abortable energy usage.

This mod will continue under the name of "Extreme Measures Armor Tech" and armor will be renamed as "Soldier combat support armor" Codename: NANOSUİT

I decided to make another armor mod which includes other armors from other games (such as: Titanfall, Anthem, Doom) so ı decided to start with nanosuit which ı do have some models and coding. It will be weird to see jumpkit in a mod called nanosuit mod so i am renaming the entire mod. And recreate the entire code, so ı can optimize some parts of it. 'cause … man it takes a lot of ram power to run this mod without LAG.

You will be able to find the new mod in MCreator website and Curse once its done. I am planning to publish the first version in 20/01/2020 until then ı will only do some bug fixes on this mod. and also ı will still update this mod until the other mod releases.

To learn the progress on this mod follow me on twitter: @RedstoneStick

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Modification files
nanosuit mod 1.12.2 - 2.1.jar - Nanosuit mod 1.12.2 - 2.1 (Newest version)105.85 KB
Nanosuit mod 1.12.2 - 2.0.jar - Nanosuit mod 1.12.2 - 2.064.84 KB
nanosuit mod 1.0.0.jar - nansouit mod 1.0.0 (First version)5.47 MB


-Changed energy system from item nbt data to global variable

-Fixed speed mod is usable when no energy

-Fixed flashing fov when using speed mod in 0 energy

-Fixed energy hud not updating when activating armor mod

-Added jump boost to speed mod

-Added ability to abort armor mod (Press C again)

-Added crafting system


-Added 3D Vest and Leggings

-Added energy system

-Added speed mod

-Added Armor mod