Vk's Decoration Mod

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Hello everybody I am ILovcatsSomuch also known as Video King and i am here with my first mod! This is Vk's Decoration Mod and it can be used to add cool decorations to your Minecraft world. PS: This is the first version so it does not add much but i will add more in the future.


-Lamps A very cool decoration that in the future will emit light.

-Tables Another cool decoration that is kinda has a texture bug and is still very short (This will be fixed in the next update).

-Chairs Once again a nice decoration which maybe in the future will be sit-able.

- Televisions A TV (That was obvious) that does nothing and is waaay to small (Will be fixed i swear).

-Recipes these can be found for all of the items in this mod and i will make a video on my Youtube channel about these.

That is my Decoration mod now right now it is not very impressive but i promise it will get fixed :).

Hope you enjoy! Bye for now.

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