Celestial Mod

Submitted by aditigro on Sat, 05/19/2018 - 16:42

This mod adds:

-6 new blocks: Celestial Block; Celestial Table; Celestial Grass Block; Celestial Dirt; Celestial Communication Core Block; Celestite Ore

-10 new tools(including 3 swords and 1 multitool): Celestial Sword; Celestial Pickaxe; Celestial Axe; Celestial Shovel; Better Celestial Sword; Better Celestial Pickaxe; Better  Celestial Axe; Better Celestial Shovel; Supreme Tool; Supreme Sword

-4 new mobs(including bosses): Cobblestone Golem; Titan's Minion; Titan; Supreme Titan

-12 new items(including 5 edible items): Celestial Mana; Celestial Communication Core; Celestite; Titanstone; Titan Essence; Infused Titan Egg; Concentred Titan Essence; Advanced Communication Core

-2 sets of armor: Celestial Armor; Titan Armor

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In development
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