More to Minecraft Release 1:The Final Update

Published by EliGrayD on Sun, 05/20/2018 - 19:06
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This is the final update.

Check the Changelog for more details.

Thank you for following my mod.

If you are downloading, just know that the mod will no longer be updated.


As always, just for old times sake, thank you for wasting for precious PC space to download my mod.

Can't you believe what this mod started from?

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MoretoMinecraftRelease1.zipUploaded on: 06/30/2018 - 22:20   File size: 944.69 KB

-added Banana

-added Banana plant and Banana Bread

-added Brass sword

Okay. Listen up. This was the last update. There were too many things in the beginning that didn't get crafting recipes. Now that caught up to me.

I have to leave it here. I didn't want to scrap it while it was in Beta. So, I am going to release it. The mod will no longer receive any more updates. Thank you for following my mod and its development. At the time of finishing, 19 downloads. WOW!

I will start a new mod and I hope you guys follow it. Thanks for everything.

I have still yet to learn how to make all of these things craftable. Nothing is craftable yet, so if you're planning to do a survival series on this. Don't. The things you can get, theres nothing you can do with it.

Alright, so yesterday I learned how to make things craftable! So, Alpha 3 will drop today when I get home from *won't say where.* So with that being said, Alpha 3 won't focus on adding things, but bug fixing. The only things added are the crafting recipes and the things that should have been added a long time ago!

So, the comment above was posted by me on 5/23/18. It says Alpha 3 would be release that day. (5/23/18). There was so many recipes that I simply couldn't finish for the release date. So, I pushed the release date back to today, (5/24/18) and I assumed I could do it. But, I didn't release it today for this reason: I didn't feel like working on it today. I know that shouldn't be the case, but it is. I have been working on it since it's Pre-Alpha debut on Sunday. (5/20/18) Just non-stop working on the mod since Sunday, for 5 days STRAIGHT, with 3 builds of the mod released during those 5 days. I can't promise the release date to be tomorrow, (5/25/18) or Saturday. (5/26/18) But anyway, that is just why I didn't release Alpha 3 today. Thanks for understanding. :-)

Alpha 4 is out! Please report any bugs in the comments. Or, just state them here:

You know what that means?
It means Beta 1 is now in the works!