Hyper Craft

Published by NaiduBoys on Fri, 05/25/2018 - 11:14
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Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

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NOTICE: If you have used versions older than 0.0.7d Use The File which says for Legacy Users or else your data on previous worlds will be lost


If used in any way a link must be put this page or  https://hypercraftmod.weebly.com/

Only Images have been used from Orespawn and not ANY code at all therfore this mod is still not completed

Pixel Wars parts will be added soon

Please Report all bugs and a solution will be uploaded ASAP.

Original Orespawn: http://www.orespawn.com by TheyCallMeDanger

Some Texture has been used from Apple Core

Bugs/Discussion Fourm: https://mcreator.net/forum/42352/orespawn-reborn-pixel-wars-mod-pack-di…

Credit to MrAndi Rrandom and Mooshroompig for Criminal Textures

Official Hyper Craft Website: https://hypercraftmod.weebly.com/

(This is a repost with proper pictures)

Wooooooo! NEW WEBSITE!

How to install

Install Forge - https://files.minecraftforge.net/

Go to Mods 

Drag in the .jar file


Stay tuned Mac Tutorial comming soon...

Features 0.0.8d Phase 2 (It Ain't Fair Update!)

Ores/Ore Materials/Materials/Other Items

Uranium Ore

Titanium Ore

Uranium Nugget

Uranium Ingot

Titanium Nugget

Titanium Ingot

Ruby Ore


Ruby Rod

Curved Ruby Rod

Double Curved Ruby Rod

Ruby Rod Piece

Re-Enforced String

Thunder Orb

Elemental Furnace'

Elemental Block

Green Apple

Green Apple Core

Royal Gala

Red Apple Core

Red Apple Sapling

Green Apple Sapling

Fire Particle Block

Water Particle Block

Water Block

Fire Block

Scalding Water

Duct Tape (currently broken)

Baymax Statue (also broken)

Ancient Dried Zombie Spawn Egg

Ancient Dried Sheep Spawn Egg


Emerald Pickaxe (auto-enchants to Silk Touch I and Efficiency III)


Emerald Sword (auto-enchants to Sharpness II)

Ultimate Sword (auto-enchants to Sharpness V, Bane Of Athropods V, Smite V, Knockback III, Looting III, Unbreaking III and Fire Aspect III)

Thunder Staff (fixed)

Thunder Ring

Thunder Bow

Rapid Fire Bow

Poison Sword


Emerald Helmet

Emerald Body

Emerald Leggings

Emerald Boots

Other Useful Stuff

Cobwebs are finally craftable!

Book of Rapid Fire





Friendly Creeper

Skeleton (No Bow)

Modification files

0.0.1d : Fixed a few Bugs and corrected titanium ore to nugget and some spawn properties. First Release

0.0.2d: Added Thunder Staff, Uranium Ore and fixed some Ultimate bow properties as well as added rubies and tried fixing the Enerpearl Block missing texture

0.0.3d: Fixed Thunder Staff, and added Mo' Elements, Apple Core, Changed name to Hyper Craft  (First Major Update) Full changelog comming to the new Hyper Craft website

0.0.4d: (lost) Sorry No .jar file workspace was lost - New Apple Core Features and Improvements + New Biome

0.0.5d: New Elemental Furnace UI and bug fixes as well as some added features for 0.0.6d

0.0.6d: Mo' Elements update Added Herobrine

0.0.7d: Fixed the broken textures + fixed an updating glitch (only applies if your first use is with 0.0.7d else use the 0.0.7d For Legacy Users

0.0.8d (Phase 1): Added Criminals as well as friendly creepers + bug fixes

0.0.8d (Phase 2): Added Poison Sword, Wither Spawn Egg, Skeleton with no bows, Poison Swords and Emerald Amour

Do you mean this one?
The main one is meant to show it hyper the rest are just other stuff

Do you mean this one?
The main one is meant to show it hyper the rest are just other stuff

Some nice textures, but they seem slightly glitched on that mob with the cake...

only your mob on your skin its not working yet, your skin is on 64x64