Desert Eagle Mod

Published by Kellaroo on Mon, 06/04/2018 - 00:32
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A mod that wasn't designed to be huge but to add an extra little bit of weaponry that could help you if you're in pickle.

Adds four items into the game.

 - Bullet Shell - Used to craft bullet

 - Naked Bullet - Used together with the bullet shell to create Desert Eagle

 - Bullet - Ammo used by the Desert Eagle

 - Desert Eagle - Used together with the Bullet to fire a bullet that packs a punch 

Sorry for the bad artwork this is my first mod and wasn't intended to be good in any way. I Have decided to discontinue this mod because it's basically useless and if I'm going to make mod I should add more than four items.

Release type
In development
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Modification files
DEagleMod.jar407.81 KB

First version, very basic horrible artwork, not intended to be the full version of the mod. Artwork will be updated soon.