Nuclear Warfare

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Current Version: v0.3  (Updated 6/21/2018)

 This mod will be a good replacement / updated version of the Rival Rebels mod for 1.7.10. Our goal is to make nuclear weapons that work just like how the real-life counterparts would. Be sure to leave ideas and suggestions for items, blocks, weapons, armor, mobs and more that you think we could make, so we can make this mod the best that it could be!


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Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development


  • Plutonium Ore
  • Plutonium Shard
  • Plutonium
  • Nuclear Shell
  • Shockwave Compressor
  • Plutonium Nuclear Core
  • Nuclear Bomb


  • Atom Concentrator
  • Nuclear Rifle
  • Test Dummy
  • Ash
  • Ash Block
  • Nuclear Ash
  • Nuclear Grenade
  • Radiation Stimulant
  • Radiation Variable and Effects
Modification download files

Hey everyone, hope you like the idea of the mod! If you have ideas, please, let me know! Comment down here!

I'm currently adding in some nuclear guns and weapons. I'm still getting used to the new setup for events, but radiated grass should be an easy add!
Thanks for the suggestion! I might make a wasted ash/dirt instead, that way it could work with any block being shot and make sense!

No problem!
You want weapon ideas? sure!
Is it possible to make a system that detects how much radiation you have been exposed to? If you can, make items that will help you reduce your exposure to radiation. Lets say, If you throw a Nuclear Grenade(An idea) you get exposed to some radiation. If you continue/you do not reduce your radiation with an Anti-Radiation Shot(Another Idea) you will die of radiation.

I imagine that if I create a Radiation variable, I can set it to kill the player once it reaches a certain amount. I can use armor, like a hazmat suit, to reduce radiation intake, and some kind of medicine item to clear radiation amounts.
It should be possible, will take some trials and errors though!

Just downloaded it. Seems cool! I am working on a mod, but I really just wanna collab. Not sure how thats gonna work. nvm,you probably have your own ideas. But if you want, I can! that could be cool. it is fine if you do not want.

I like the idea, but i will tell you first hand, good luck! learning this new procedure system
It is complicated as hell so i'm still using 1.7.8 for my mod until i learn the procedure system :/

The procedure system is pretty similar to that of Scratch (A simple coding language/software). It just took me getting wind of what events affected what. I've gotten a better understanding over the last few days, it looks like I'll be capable of a lot more with the new custom procedures!

If you reply, i could get your discord i could help you with modeling bombs and other items