PlentyOfAdditions (Pre-Alpha)

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Hello, If you are reading this you are probably thinking of trying out this mod, BUT before you try this mod I will say that a video will come soon and it will tell you all the crafting recipes. Also, remember that this mod is in the very early testing stages and may have bugs, so if you find any bugs please list them or when I make my video list them in the comments. MAKE SURE YOU GET A MOD THAT WILL TELL YOU CRAFTING RECIPES BECAUSE SHAPELESS CRAFTING IS NOT IN THIS MOD!!! ALSO, SHADER PACKS LOOK REALLY GOOD WITH THIS MOD!!! IN MY VIDEO I WILL EXPLAIN EVERY CRAFTING RECIPE.


Modification files
PlentyOfAdditions (Beta).jar - Click Here For The 1.0.0 Version Of The Mod!!!908.22 KB

Im not really sure what this mod does.. A better description would likely help this mod out.