The Red Mod

Published by Matyi5 on Thu, 07/26/2018 - 16:32
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This is a mod wich gives a little red to Minecraft!

This mod contains:

-2 new ores a refined and a unrefined

-5 tiers of super swords and a little knife

-4 machines

-an armour set + a bulletproof west

-and a lot of components

Coming up:

-more tools

-more armour

-more machines

Have fun!


PS.:You can give me ideas to my mod too!

Modification files
the_red_mod_1.2.jar - 1.2286.49 KB
the_red_mod_1.1.jar - 1.1263.53 KB
the_red_mod_1.0.jar - 1.0242.48 KB

-1.0 Relase

-1.1 +1 armour set

-1.2 + a bulletproof west