Broken Biomes Mod

Published by protomon on Mon, 07/30/2018 - 12:05
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The "Broken biomes mod" is a mod that adds a few new biomes, some are dangerous, some are fine. All of these biomes are pretty hard to find, so don't comment and say something like: "The mod dosen't work!!! I can't find the biomes". I won't show pictures of the biomes, because i want the player to find it themselves, otherwise i would just spoil the entire mod! But i will show you the names of these biomes, here's the names:

- Magma biome (a biome attacked by a volcanic eruption)

- Ice age biome (a biome full of ice i guess...)

- nuked biome (a biome that was attacked by a nuclear blast)

- dead biome (a biome where the grass has died, an autumn biome if you will)

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