Fiery Mod (first Mod)

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This Mod adds in Fiery Gem Fiery Sword Fiery Tool Set Fiery Armor Set A Bow And Custom Arrow And Gun And Bullet A biome A dimension Which is in WIP and glass The Bow and Gun make a powerful explosion on contact The Only Thing Missing is Mobs I am sorry but there are no Mobs because I'm just beginning With MCREATOR And I really hope I made a good first impression

Yep I was Able to update The Mod and I added 2 New mobs!!

Modification files
Fiery Mod Update 1.1.0.jar - New Version Adds In more items a biome an improved dimension a new flower and 2 new mobs 236.14 KB
Fiery Mod Last Update.jar - This is the Last update im done it was fun making the mod anyways this update add an upgraded biome and dimension and new items 298.99 KB

I hope you like it I'm just starting with MCREATOR so its not good but I seriously really hope I got a good first impression if I did something wrong which probably happened please tell me ways to improve

You should try to work more on the textures, and on your mod's pictures, you shouldn't ut texts with background.