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BetterCrafting is a mod that will revolutionise crafting forever! You can now craft certain "uncraftable" items, for example: saddles, horse armour and nametags!

Here are the recipes:

Saddle crafting recipeString crafting recipeRed Sand crafting recipeIron Horse crafting recipeGold Horse crafting recipeDiamond Horse crafting recipeCobweb crafting recipeDeadbush crafting recipeGrass Block crafting rrecipeIce crafting recipePacked Ice crafting recipeVine crafting recipe

HINT: Press the minus button, the one that looks like this: -

UPDATE: MCreator 1.8.0 seems to have wiped BetterCrafting, meaning that i have to start again. That'll teach me to back up my mods in the future, won't it!

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Released! Please report any bugs on the BetterCrafting forum page.

you already can't craft grass...
if you can´t craft grass hou do you can craft grass block.
to craft that it would be earth and seed, but not earth and grasss because isn't craftable too!!