Troll Items

Published by Reb on Wed, 08/15/2018 - 05:35
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Welcome to the Troll Items mod! This mod adds a bunch of items, nearly all of which are only useful for trolling other players. Make fake diamonds that are totally worthless, or blocks that disappear when powered! The trolling possibilities are huge with this mod!

(This mod is still being worked on, and I will take suggestions!)

Have fun and keep on trolling!


Notes for users:

Mob crates do not have a recipe and never will get one, as they would be incredibly overpowered in Survival mode.

To make a door trap, use an observer, detecting upwards, then place a door above the observer and an update bomb below.

There is no safe way to remove Explosive Diamond Ore, besides cheating.

Mods like Waila, The One Probe, or the vanilla Advanced Tooltips and F3 Debug Menu can easily give away the trolls, so make sure that the victim is not using any of these.

Modification files
TrollItems1.12.2.jar - Troll Items 1.0.0192.16 KB

8/15/2018: 1.0.0 released.