Published by Martan04 on Wed, 08/28/2013 - 20:03
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OptiCrafting mod [1.6.2]!

This mod adds crafting recipes for the items, that can found only in duengons or mob drops. Now is only crafting recipe for the saddle and artificial leather. But this mod adds other things, for example the hemp for hemp strings. From the hemp strings you can craft better hemp string and from better hemp string hemp armor, bow, fishing rod, rope (used for crafting saddle) and green wool. The rope can be built even from a string. Use a crafting book or NEI to see a crafting recipes. A lot of things is planned.


Things in mod

Saddle recipe (three ropes, three leathers and one iron ingot)

Hemp plant

Hemp (crafting from hemp plant creates 4 hemps)

Hemp string (bake hemp)

Better hemp string (crafting from 8 hemp strings and one hemp)

Rope (crafting from 7 strings or better hemp strings)

Another recipe for the bow (three better hemp strings and three sticks)

Another recipe for the fishing rod (three sticks and two better hemp strings)

Hemp leather (6 better hemp strings)

Hemp armor (from the hemp leather)

Another recipe for the green wool (four better hemp strings)

Artificial leather (8 strings and one hemp)

Another recipe for the leather armor (from the artificial leather)


Known bugs

Rope in the building blocks menu

(If you found a bug please write it to the comment)

(Sorry about my bad english)