Galenos Mod v1

Published by Tomas2737 on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 16:13
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I don't think that i will finish Charg3d Mod for personal reasons. So, i will instead make this mod wich will be very big (i hope) with other blocks, ores, tools, structures and Updates. This could take a few months or even years to make this mod perfect, but its still very incomplete (4,3% completed).

If you could and if you want, you can leave some ideas to add to the mod as i'll probably run out of ideas. Thanks for reading this.


Modification files
Galenos Mod v1.0 1.11.2.jar - A very incomplete Mod789.28 KB

*Added a new Biome called Corrupt Biome (enderman spawn all day there)

*Cloral dust and Cloral Ore added to the game

*Broller Ingot added to the game

*Erasmos armor and ingot added to the game

*New animations to Broller Ingot and Broller Ore