Extra Minerals

Published by Dcoder on Wed, 09/19/2018 - 03:07
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This mod adds a variety of minerals that can be obtained by crushing previously scanned ores into other materials such as flint or coal.

Different materials can be obtained for each kind of ore, and the number of material is randomized so the process isn't very monotone

Current minerals 




-pink diamond (counts with armor and tool set)

-silver (counts with a sword)


each of them with it's nugget or bit variants as well as their block variants.


this minerals (except for silver) can be crafted with a ring that grant different potion effects when in inventory




Modification files
extra_minerals_1_0.jar - Extra minerals 1.0.0343.27 KB
extra_minerals_1_0_1.jar - Extra minerals 1.0.1343.25 KB

1.0.1 - fixed bug that caused potion effects to be a level higher