Sponge mod v1.0

Published by Kubamorlo on Sat, 08/31/2013 - 11:03
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The features added by my mod:


  • "Natural Sponge" A block, that act like the sponge, but drops a sponge item. Can be found undergroud and on trees in Spongeland biome.
  • "ExBrick" Looks like normal bricks but explodes when breaked (even in creative!)


  • "Sponge item" An item droped from Natural sponge block, used to craft the normal sponge (9)
  • "Spongeball" Item that is crafted from diamod, 4TNTs and 4 Sponges; the crafting gives you 64 (maybe it will stay in crafting grid later). Iron, Gold, Diamonds and Emeralds can be turned into sponge items using this.
  • "Eatable spongeball" A food crafted from Spongeball in midle and sponge items above and below; have no nutrition value but gives you an water breathing effect for 1 minute.
  • "Spongeworld portal activator" This item activates the portal to Spongeworld, crafted by surounding Spongeball by bricks.

Other features:

  • "Spongeland" Is biome with very light green grass, very blue water an yellow sky. The oak with Natural sponge growing on the is also found there.
  • "Spongecube" The mob, which is not too strong but very fast, making it deadly in bigger groups. Spawns only in spongeland biome.
  • "Spongeworld" New nether type dimension made of bricks with oceans of natural sponge, TNTs, Explosive bricks and brown mushroom blocks. Portal frame is from sponge; biome is Spongeland.

Also there are three achievments for punching sponge, making Spongeball and right-clicking the ExBrixks


If you found any bugs, or you know how to make items not disapearing when crafting or making food eatable with full hunger bar tipe into comments.


Full name: Kubamorlo´s sponge mod Version: 1.0 Made by: Mcreator DE 1.3.4

Modification files
Kubamorlospongemod.zip - This mod adds a natural sponges to your minecraft, they drops the sponge items used to craft sponges.181.39 KB