The End Armor

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The End Armor mod is a pretty great mod in general because it adds one new dimension, two OP armor sets, three new tools, four awesome weapons, and a lot of crazy crafting recipes! But as if the recipes aren't hard enough, all the armor have a random item in one slot! P.S. all armor is crafted the way you'd usually craft it. Enjoy this mod and yes, it is normal to have enchants on it naturally! P.S.S. Forgot to mention this, but all armor have a secret item too!

Modification files
The End - If something is buggy in the first and second version, download the first version here.2.55 MB
The NEW End - Updated version of original, you can try this if you want.2.59 MB
The NEWEST End - The NEWEST version of the mod! Try it first!2.64 MB

1.0.0: Mod is Released by ModsAreGreat

1.0.1: Added three new tools and one new dimension.

1.1: Mod is now in the alpha stage, also,a new dimension, igniter, item, and a whole new set of armor! NOTE: NEW ITEM IS NOT OBTAINABLE

Thanks to everyone who installed this mod or at least checked it out! Expect to see a new update soon, too. This is my first mod so leave suggestions for another mod or a new item in the mod!

Hi guys! It's me again and I wanted to say that I'm sorry that I couldn't make a new update to this mod. I was really busy. Anyways, I'm gonna give you a 10 download anniversary shortly after this post. Thanks again guys!

Hey everyone! It's been awhile and I just randomly checked and saw that my mod hit 20 downloads! Thanks guys, I really don't think I deserve this because I neglected this project. Anyway, to celebrate, a new 20 download anniversary celebration update thing! Thanks everyone again!