Bedrock Uses Mod (Full Release)

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This mod adds more uses for Bedrock.

Added Features:
-Bedrock Armor
-Compressed Bedrock
-Bedrock Ore (smelt it for Bedrock Shards)
-The Limbo Dimension (a Nether-generated cave-like biome home to ores, mobs, and Bedrock)
-Bedrock can now be used a fuel (stronger than Lava)
-Ability to craft Bedrock with 4 Bedrock Shards
-Bedrock Flowers (very rare)
-Bedrock Tools
-Bedrock Shards you can eat!
-A new biome entitled the Limbiome


I have also implemented a keybind for the game. Press "BACKSLASH" and see what happens.

How to go to Limbo:

-Build a Nether Portal out of Bedrock
-Craft a Key To Limbo (One Bedrock Shard and a Gold Ingot, like a Flint and Steel)
-Use the Key To Limbo on the portal

Modification files
BedrockUsesMod-0.2.1-1.11.2.jar - Download V0.2.196.38 KB
BedrockUsesMod-1.11.2.jar - Download V0.1.078.39 KB

Update V1.2: "The Food And Biomes Update"



-Edible Bedrock Shards (smelt regular bedrock shards to create these)
-Limbo Biome for the Overworld (aka the Limbiome)



-No Changes to existing features