Deep storage unit's

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This mod add's 4 new storage block's.

The block's are the following:

Storage cluster : max 2500 item's   max type's 10

Deep storage unit : max item's 10000   max type's 20

Deep storage cluster : max item's 50000   max type's 100

Infinite storage unit (accually not infinite) : max item's 262144   max type's 256

max type's means how many different item's a container can store

max item's means the how many item's a container can store

container can only be used with hopper's, they don't have a GUI

container's also give out comparator data

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development

Submitted by Goldorion on Mon, 07/08/2019 - 13:31

Can you add some pictures of your mod please ?