The Warning Mod (reupload)

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After a long time of me being off, and this mod deleted off the website, its coming back!

It sadly won't have any updates anytime soon, and if a updated one gets made, it will be for 1.12 instead of 1.7.10

P.S a updated video will be posted soon


Warning Cookie

Warning Apple

Warning Gem

Warning Core

Black Warning Gem

Warning Bow

Block Breaker

Lapis Ruby

Lapis Ruby Igniter (for dimension)

Warning Dimension Igniter 

Black Gem Dimension 


Warning Gem Set (No Sword)

Black Warning Gem Set (No Sword)

Lapis Ruby Set (With Sword)


Passive Mod Spawner

Hostile Mob Spawner

Warning Ore

Warning Block

Lapis Ruby Ore

Black Warning Gem Block

Lapis Ruby Block


Warning Dimension

Lapis Ruby Dimension

Black Gem Dimension

lets hope I didn't miss any...

Release type
In development
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