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Prismite is a mod where you can obtain a new endgame ore: Prismite! This is a little more than just an ore addition, though. If you combine some Prismite bars you can get Pure Prismite! Pure Prismite can be used to upgrade your Prismite weapons or tools. Once you obtain Pure Prismite, you can mine the incredibly rare Dark Prismite! Dark Prismite can be combined with Pure Prismite to create the all-powerful Dark Pure Prismite! You can also build a portal to a new dimension: the Prismite Dimension! There is also a Dark Prismite Dimension.

New Blocks:

Prismite Block

Pure Prismite Block

Dark Prismite Block

Dark Pure Prismite Block

Prismite Ore

Dark Prismite Ore


New items:

Prismite Bar

Pure Prismite

Dark Prismite Bar

Dark Pure Prismite

Prismite Apple(Grants near invincibility for 30 seconds)


New Tools:

Prismite Sword(16 attack damage)

Prismite Pickaxe

Prismite Axe

Pure Prismite Sword(20 attack damage)

Pure Prismite Pickaxe

Pure Prismite Axe

Dark Prismite Sword(18 damage)

Dark Prismite Pickaxe

Dark Prismite Axe

Dark Pure Prismite Sword(24 damage!)

Dark Pure Prismite Pickaxe

Dark Pure Prismite Axe

Prismite Armor(Lots of defense)


New Mob:

Prismite Beast(One-Hit Kill with no armor)

New Dimensions:

Prismite Dimension(Portal Frame out of Pure Prismite Blocks, use the Prismite Igniter to open the portal)

Dark Prismite Dimension(Portal Frame out of Dark Pure Prismite Blocks, use the Dark Prismite Igniter to open the portal)


NOTE: If you download this file, you will get the new version of Prismite, not the one shown here. To see the page for the New Prismite Mod, look at my profile and choose the newest Prismite.

Modification files
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