Minecraft Village and Pillage Mod

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                                                  Hello! This mod is Based on the Village and Pillage!



Added Pillagers!

Added Suspicious Stews! Mhh..... {In all 13 Plants}

Added Bamboo

Added Cornflower,Wither Rose and Lily of the Valley!

Added 4 New Dyes! Blue,Brown,Black and White!

Added the Crossbow!

Changed Minecraft textures!

Added Bark Blocks and Smooth Stone!

Added Loom!

Added Nice recipes!

More Coming Soon!!!!

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Submitted by ALEXYSSSJ4 on Sun, 10/28/2018 - 16:41

Hello good mod but one question are you going to add new types of villagers?

hey and I forgot to tell you also you could add guadian villagers (to defend the villages of the pillagers, beast and zombies,skeletons, among others mobs no dead...) and also add healers (similar to witches to cure the golems and the injured villagers)