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Published by jojolo on Tue, 10/30/2018 - 19:09
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This mod is about exploring, it adds multiple biomes, decoration blocks, weapons and many more!

I as the creator recommend using this mod with other ones because if you got the time you can make bossfights so much easier. (The best gun in the mod can 4 shot the ender dragon xD ) The weapons are powerful but you can only obtain the better stuff if you travel to all of the biomes the mod has. There are new ores too, they can't be found anywhere else besides underground but they have particles so it's easier to spot them, you will need a diamond pick to mine them tho. The mod has some unique structures that only spawn in new biomes! Even the nether has some new stuff too, now you can get wood and food in the nether, they are not the best option for wood or food but it's better than nothing.

It's time to put on your adventuring shoes cause it's time to explore!


About the mod items:

The adventurer's emblem is the bread and butter of this mod. You cannot craft the good stuff without it so you better get some. 

How do you exactly get it? Just go to every biome the mod has to offer and mine a piece of stone from it, add in a diamond, an emerald, and one piece of prismarine and boom, you have it.

Guns: Guns are the best ranged weapons in this mod, but if you are not careful, they will break pretty fast and they are really hard to craft but they do absolutely mad amounts of damage! 

Dark matter: The best ore in this mod, it can be only mined with a diamond or an amber pick (more on that later), You will need an adventurer's emblem to craft tools and armor. For the tools you need a Molten or Frozen Panel too (These will not be used while crafting a tool). Dark matter stuff is really hard to make, but they are worth it. They will break really slowly, they dig blocks absolutely fast and they do really high amounts of damage but not as much as guns. 

Amber and crystal ore: Amber is used to make tools and crystal is used to make armor. They are better than diamond stuff and you will need a diamond pick to mine them, but you will not need the adventurer's emblem to craft these so they are a valid option.

The mod has many more stuff so if you are interested, go ahead and give it a try. Any feedback is helpful to me.

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

-Fixed a mistake that caused biome specific structures to spawn anywhere in the world

-Added new structures to the Giant Forest, Rain Forest and Canyon biomes!

-Added a new mob in the giant forest biome.

-Reworked textures for the worst looking items

-added new early game stuff