Minecraft : Most Wanted

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Welcome to Minecraft's Most Wanted. Ranging from food to new toolsets and easier ways to access materials.

Only Sneak Peak version is currently available and some things are to be changed or removed. There will be bugs too.

More pictures coming soon.


Due to limits, I have to create my own download links. Sorry about the inconvenience. Don't download from where downloads are supposed to be, there is nothing there. :(

Sneak Peak Version (1.12.2)


Recipes Image Download

If you are not allowed to download or it doesn't allow you, use external mods like JEI or NEI to view recipes. (This way is much easier)

Modification files
mod_downloads_in_description.jar - Mod downloads are in the description! There is nothing in THIS file.10.09 KB

Sneak Peak. This version only contains some items planned for this mod, some may be removed or changed.

  • Added Coal Tools (excluding hoe)
  • Added Emerald Tools (excluding hoe)
  • Added Goiamond Dust (mixture of diamond and gold used to create emerald)
  • Added Crafting Recipe for Emeralds
  • Added Iron and Diamond Hammer (for crafting)
  • Added Obsidian Dust, Ingot and Pickaxe
  • Heavy WIP Emerald Armor
  • Added Dough, used to make some food items.
  • Added 3 types of Doughnuts
  • Added Melting Cocoa Beans (used for making chocolate doughnut)
  • Added Iron Knife (for creating food items)
  • Added Cracked Egg, Half Egg Shell.
  • Added Bacon
  • Added Egg Yolk

In your place I will add a better texture to emerald armor(some white color, and other things)