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It's a mod that gives you some ruby things with ruby armor, ruby swords and tools, ruby ores, ruby ingots, and ruby gems. This is my first stable mod and I'd like that you receive it ok.

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

Update 2.0.0

This Update adds some interesting things, like a Biome of ruby and a dimension, a block that perms you change the gamemode to survival.

The craft for the items and blocks are:

Ruby Block:

All nine slots with Ruby Ingots.

Ruby Igniter:

Second footer slot with a flint and steel and just up of it, a ruby ingot.

Ruby Apple:

In the middle, an apple, and the other slots, ruby blocks, or you can smelt a gold apple.

Ruby Tools:

Like normal tools but with ruby.

Ruby armor:

Like normal armors but with ruby.


Update 2.0.1

This update adds two plants and a fuel. Resolved some bugs. Removed not-working dimension


Update 2.0.2

This update solves some errors, adds a bomb and adds a secret function with a GUI (find it and tell in the comments). It adds Rubytal too, a fuel stronger than lava bucket. Add some ruby wood generate in Ruby Biomes and Ruby Water.


The crafts are:


First slot iron, second gunpowder, third iron, fourth gunpowder, fifth ruby ingot, sixth gunpowder, seventh iron, eighth gunpowder and nineth iron.


Second slot charcoal, fifth ruby ingot and eighth charcoal.

If you like the mod download it and tell me about bugs and I'll solve it

Submitted by UnderWaves on Sat, 09/28/2019 - 13:49

So much ruby mods everywhere °___°
but good work ^^