More to Minecraft 3 Pre - Alpha

Submitted by EliGrayD on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 02:18
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Oh look, a new More to Minecraft mod! How surprising! (not)

So, More to Minecraft 1 and 2 were both abandoned. I am not very good at this... :\

So! We're going going to restart! Again! YAY! (fake excitement)




*disclaimer - I make it sound like a burden, and a pain to make, but I really enjoy it. It the wise words of Bennet Foddy: 

"Starting over is harder that starting up." Bennet Foddy; Getting Over It 

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

-added Amethyst and Sapphire armor and tool sets

-added Duck

-added every color Brick that goes with a dye (blue for lapis, ect.)

Modification download files

Are you going to add something that isn't a new armor or toolset?

I don't know... There are already many topics about mod ideas.
You could add what you feel is missing on Minecraft, you could get inspired by some mods or minecraft updates...
Anyways, if you want a few ideas, here are them:
-More structures (get inspired by mibeshafts and the 1.11 mansion)
-Hostile mobs for these structures
-Special drops for these mobs (maybe new weapons that behave differently from vanilla ones)

Just try to add something random and original and build content on that :)