Wands mod

Submitted by peneira3_0 on Fri, 11/23/2018 - 20:06
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This is my new mod After the New  age of crafters this mod is a mod magic you can make wands with magic powers. The mod is on the first version the mod is 20% of all content 

Use a mod same as the NEI or JEI to get help of the crafts 

current bugs:dont know (report if you find one)

EXP Wand:when you click in a block erase the block and summon xp for you

LAVA Wand:When you click in the block replace with lava,and when you hit a mob he take fire for 12 seconds

MANA Wand:click on the air to earn powers

Eraser Wand: When you click a block you erase the block and when you hit a mob the mob go to the end

Mana:can be mined and finded on the diamond layer.


Latest supported Minecraft version
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In development

Added: Wands and mana

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