Published by Madzilita on Sun, 11/25/2018 - 22:11
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Are you a fan of jade?

Would you like to use tools created with jade in MINECRAFT?

I present you the solution:

                                                        JADE MOD v0.7

If you want to know more information, download the MOD and check out for yourself. ¡Enjoy!

Modification files
Jade Mod v0.7.jar - First and latest version of the mod.71.1 KB

In v0.7(The first public beta of Jade Mod) I added:

  •  Jade ore with the procedure that drops fragments of raw jade.
  • The refinery process and the raw and refined gems.
  • The usage of the refined jade gem in tools.
  • The usage of the raw jade gem in the first magic object: The Jade staff(Provisional)

Suggest me the ideas you have and I will add the ones I can. ¡Have a good day!