Ender Mod

Submitted by Luc4ss18 on Sat, 12/01/2018 - 15:07
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This mod adds the best minecraft tools and an armor made of Dragon Ender scaling, which can be made from the Dragon's Egg.
To make the armor first you will need to kill the Dragon Ender and put the Dragon Egg on the Crafting Table to make the Dragon Scale. The armor recipes are the same as the Minecraft Vanilla.
To make Ender's tools, you'll need Dragon Scales and Obsidian to do the Scaly Block, then you'll need Ender's Eye, the tool's recipes are almost the same as Vanilla, with only a few changes.
The mod also adds a recipe for Elytra for those who are lazy looking-there ;).

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Really good ! Will you do ENDER dragon blocks ? Or make a craft to get back the ENDER egg.