Published by ERotoTex on Sun, 12/09/2018 - 16:19
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Let's see what's important on this mod for now:

-[The Butcher]: launches flamed chorus fruits, ammo:[Chorus Fruit]

-[Vibrating Sickle]: launches vibrating bullets with high knockback, ammo:[Vibratium Gem]

-[Blueprints]: Uses [Cosmic Stardusts] as ammo, each has his special bullet

-[Eye of focus]: ammo:[Ash], launches fiery [Coal] bullets

-[Cosmic Bottle]: When is right-clicked, if it's daytime, gives you [Cosmic Stardust]

-[Vibrating Bottle]: When is right-clicked, if it's raining, gives you [Rain Water]

-Cyania: Portal frame:[Cyanium Block], portal igniter:[Cyanian Stone]

-Ninghtshadelands(I know, hard to read): Portal frame:[Fairy Goo], portal igniter:[Psichic Wand]

-Candyland[W.I.P]:Portal frame:[Sugar Block],portal igniter:[Lolypop]

-[Infuse Brick]: Custom crafting table(For recipes press Z button)

-[Roal's Totem]: When right-clicked, transforms a [Durtarium] to an [Ender Pearl]

-[Stone Totem]:When ringhtclicked,uses an [Star Extract] to summon a [Dark Creeper{Boss}]

-[Cosmo Altar]: Can do Necronomic crafts(for recipes look at the picture)

-[Space Generator]: When right-clicked, if you have a [Cosmic Bottle] and is night, gives you [Ball of Magic]

-[Solar Generator]: Same, but if it's the day, gives you [Ball of Magic]

-There are 4 items,[Mutanted Meat], [Shadow Eye], [Nether Scroll] and [Dirty Wand], those use [Ball of Magic] to do spells

1.6 MAGIC USAGE Update Info:

-[Dimensional Gun]: Ammo:[Ball of Magic], If a player has a [Repair Arrow] in inventory, the gun repairs itself.

-More 3 items that use [Ball of Magic] to do spells:[Eye of Aconis], [Bottle o' Ghost Ink] and [Redminer's Amulet]

-Custom crafts (like how you can craft [Totem of Undying] or [Saddle])

-+Crafting resources

-+1 structure 

-[Ore Blaster]: Put a simple Minecraft ore on the top of it, R-click on with a [Ball of Magic] and the ore will be transformed!
-New ores what can be found in mines and with the [Ore Blaster]

-[Arcane Mage]: NPC, if you have [Star Extract], [Lava Tear], [Ash] and [Enchanted Steel] gives you a [Fiery Rock]

-[Fiery Rock]: If you're lucky, you can get a lot of loot

Modification files
1.6 Magicaria.jar - V1.6 MAGIC USAGE UPDATE1.47 MB

This mod is a simple mod that can make your Minecraft more funny, easy, and magical! There are not a lot, but so many items to make and harvest on this mod! Find, craft, and use em' all! Also, there are dimensions and biomes, explore em' too! Have fun with this mod and don't forget to like this!

I know your name in the game is not RoalTheBest so i need your real name please.