Congueror's BetterVanilla++ Update!

Published by congueror on Wed, 12/19/2018 - 17:01
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BetterVanilla++ Mod
This mod is a Remastered Version of my old mod Vanilla++ Mod. This mod aims to add many new Weapons,Tools,Armor,Ores,etc.
This mod already adds: 3 New Ores, 11 New Tools, 2 New Armor Pieces, Some Crafting Items, And WAY more to come.
For recipes use the mods NEI, JEI, Or any other mod like that or use our wiki:

Modification files
BetterVanilla++ MC1.12.2 V0.2.jar - Update 0.2 Is Out!300.25 KB


-Now when the Bedrockium Sword is in your hand you will gain slowness
-Renamed the Red Emerald Block to Block of red emeralds
-Added the Emerald Hoe
-Added MANY New Advancements