Submitted by Zunaka on Sun, 12/30/2018 - 17:44
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This mod is for Minecraft and it's designed to add classic Minecraft features back into Minecraft More features coming soon stay tuned! (Logo is temp for now)


Mod discord:

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development

Changelog 29/12/2018

Added Classicraft creative tab

Changelog 30/12/2018

Fixed Beta Cobblestone texture

Changed Classic Brick to Beta Brick and fixed the texture

Revision 3 ----------- Added Roses 


Version 0.1.0 Added Classic Gravel

Added Classic Glass


Version 0.1.1

Added Beta Gravel

Added Classi Ore and Classi Ingot the main element used to create classic blocks without having to find them (Once I add the classic blocks to the overworld)

Added Cloth Armor (A tiny bit weaker then leather)

Fixed Classic Glass texture

Added "Kazoo Cow"

added recipes for Classic Gravel, Classic Glass, Beta Gravel and Beta Cobblestone

Added Classic Cobblestone



Added Alpha Grass

Fixed Glitch where vanilla grass would spawn as Alpha Grass(edited)
Made Kazoo cows spawn less frequently
Added Cyan Flowers

You can now craft Cyan Dye using Cyan Flowers

You can now craft Rose Red dye using Rose

Added Classic Leaves
Added human mobs


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