MineBetter 1 (discontinued)

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Add random stuff with MineBetter!

You can add lots of things like guns,blocks,swords,ores,drugs,ingots,biomes,etc. With MineBetter, almost everything is possible. I have planned to add other stuff like BOSSFIGHTS and other stuff. (Please see content list

- MineBetter is in beta/development phase, so there might be bugs and glitches. Report them in comments.

Also, suggest to-add stuff in comments (If these are added, you'll be credited!)

Click here to see the list of contents

Images and craftings will be added soon in the main page, but can be found in the wiki!

Download latest version (2.4.4 stable) by going to downloads.

Thanks for reading! 


Minebetter 2 soon with more stuff


Modification files
MineBetter Beta 2.3.5 (Forge 1.12.2).jar - Beta 2.3.5 Official385.86 KB
MineBetter Beta 2.4.0 unstable (Forge 1.12.2).jar - Beta 2.4.0 (Unstable)421.45 KB
MineBetter Beta 2.4.4 (Forge 1.12.2).jar - Beta 2.4.4 (Unstable)419.52 KB

Beta 2.2.9:

  • First stable release

Beta 2.3.4:

  • Second stable release
  • Added the grinder, a machine which with it you can craft Meta Fluid by extracting it from meta leaves.
  • Also added the Meta Cook, a machine which with it you can craft Caking from Meta Fluid and Neutroamine.
  • Also, Caking can be cooked in a furnace into Metaine.

Beta 2.3.5:

  • Stable release
  • Added the industrial processor, a important multi-purpose machine
  • Added the bulletproof glass, an armored and hard version of the weak/normal glass

Beta 2.4.0:

  • Unstable release
  • Added the Battery, used in the industrial processor
  • Added the bloody battery, used to summon the Demonic Robot boss
  • Added the demonic robot, but buggy

Beta 2.4.4 unstable:

  • Now the industrial processor uses batteries
  • Fixed the demonic robot health, but not combat

Beta 2.2.4 stable:

  • Removed the use of the battery because of it being buggy and infinite
  • Fixed demonic robot combat (report bugs in comments)
  • Fixed bloody battery uncommon bug not summoning demonic robot

8/1/2019: Mod has been discontinued due to being unsupported.