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Submitted by MoonCat on Sat, 01/12/2019 - 03:45
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This is a BATA release of this mod that adds old minecraft content that is no longer in the game ,credits to a little bit of the textures in this mod please support Mojang

This mod cant be updated because of an error when genorating a world it crashes and corrupts the world


Dirt/Grass Variants As Slabs

BUT i will make a new mod later:)


Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development

Please report any bugs you find and if you want find more missing features from this mod

BATA 2 is out for download!

Submitted by xDovah on Sat, 01/12/2019 - 09:41

There are some issues I'm seeing here.

The Locked Chest GUI is not pretty to the eye.
The Stonecutter has an incorrect texture for top of the block.
The Horse Saddle is spelled correctly, however the mod element's referenced as "sattle".
There are two items with the same name of "Ender Watcher".

Your modname is really long. I'd look for a smaller name for that.
Disk 24 has an improper name -- should be Disc 24, not Disk 24.

The Allow block has a weird effect whenever you place a block on top of it.

Quivers, much like any item that isn't a block, cannot hold inventory, despite being able to create an inventory in a GUI, and using an item to access said GUI. In result, placing Arrows in the Quiver GUI will cause the Arrows to fall out and be unobtainable.

Overall, I can see the aesthetic in mind, and are looking forward to seeing what else this mod has in store.

And about being a solo editor -- trust me, I'm a solo editor of my mod, too. Once you start racking up the mod elements (I've got over 700+ in mine), there's a whole lot to look at, lol.

Being a solo editor isn't always bad, though. Just takes more time. With more experience, you'll get better and faster with updates. (Unless you're like me and accidentally leave your mod dead for a month or two, oops.)

Submitted by Hidiho03 on Sat, 01/12/2019 - 22:05

Omg lol Half this stuff is gonna be in the next update of my mod xD I am still gonna keep it in the update though.
Rose, Cyan Rose, Paeonia, Sky Dimension, Ruby, Plate Armour, Chain Leather Armour, Crying Obsidian none of the others though xD