Swamp Lore

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Swamp Lore

this mod adds a new dimension called the swamp i know what your think it is already a biome well i extended it and made swamp mainland

-New Mob Cursed villager

-New Ore Called Swamp Ore,ingot,nugget and block

-New liquid Mud

And New dimension frame made of Swamp Block


(How do you make a crafting recipe for the portal igniter? asking for a friend)

Release type
In development
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Can you add some images showing the content added by the mod?
(PS: the portal igniter is the portal. When you choose an item for the recipe, you can see there is a portal. That portal is the igniter.)

Submitted by Goldorion on Thu, 06/13/2019 - 15:28

Nice mod maybe, but add some screens of your mod.