awakening of kingdoms

Published by macmaster on Sat, 02/02/2019 - 03:06
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finally after 2 or 3 years of making this mod it is done( I am not making a long mod for a long time).

welcome to awakening of kingdoms a mod that took too long to make (note i will only tell you all of the important stuff to help you in this mod)

here is what you need to know to travel to the other dimensions and the upgrader and magic maker use.




 1. how to travel to other dimensions.


step 1 go to the nether

step 2 find a blue and black temple

step 3 kill the enemy on the top for a key

step 4 make a obsidian portal frame(this counts for all my other dimensions)

step 5 use the key on the frame

step 6 repeat when entering the other dimension( there are key temples in my dimensions to travel to another dimension)


2. most powerful temple beasts (the monsters on the top floor of the key temple)

1. mutant  he can do extra damage witch  can be deadly
2. spory gives blindness and fire


internal flame

 when it dies it has a 50% chance to make another one



 has a fog around it so you cant see


3. magic maker

there will be places to put orbs in and right click the middle part to get the item(only 2 things you can get)


4. upgrader

same for magic maker but you right click with the weapon you got with the magic maker(only travel staff will work the other one wont)


5. how to get orbs 

first you need to make a  orb maker( put iron bars around a empty orb( put 4 crystals in a diamond shaped and leave the middle empty(if you don't know how to craft it get any recipe mod to help you)

second open the orb maker and put a empty orb in its slot( it will tell you how)

third put end stone or leather boots in the other slot and press the make button(or mix)


6. how to fight bosses

vampire king: find a blood shrine and put blood shards on it 

fire master: get a fire master orb(by fire beasts) then put it in the fire shrine

rune beast: fight the 4 rune keepers (use gems on a rune shrine, the shrines colors on the top is what gems you need) then you get the runes they drop but note there is a chance to not get the rune so be careful of that. finally you get astral glue and the runes and you put them on the sides(the glue goes on the middle sides and the runes in the sides of it) after that you will get a mega rune then put it on the rune shrine.

mushroom king: kill every single enemy (only spory is the one that does not drop a stone) to get there stone color, when you get all of the stones you need to go to the mushroom stone maker and you put all of the stones in it and you will get a mega mushroom stone finally you put it on the mushroom king alter(colorful looking alter)

toxion: you get a infected micro chip from the cyborgs. then go find the professor crate and right click it then he will come out and you give him the chip so you get a toxic coin then you put it in the toxion alter( the eye looking block)

frostco: just kill frost knights and rarely they will drop a frost heart then right click it any where to fight

flame god: put ever item you get from the bosses to get the suns core then listen to what it says to help you for the battle right click it any where IF YOU DARE.


so sorry this is not a good description but I just wanted to get it over with but it will help mostly

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