Published by suryc99 on Wed, 02/06/2019 - 14:38
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The next versions of this mod will not be made with MCreator, so this page will not be updated. To view the CurseForge page, click here:  https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/terracraftrewrite


Check out our Trello board! https://trello.com/b/HQ1gOyXJ

V5 in Released!


This mod adds items, blocks, and more from Terraria directly into Minecraft.

I plan to have Terracraftia boast over 20% of all Terraria features, which is more than 1000 additions!

Some of these additions will use original Terraria textures, and others will use custom textures.


Algorithm used to convert Terraria health and damage to Minecraft:

x / 10

Algorithm used in older versions (V4 and below)

x / 10 * 2



Added Hellstone

-Currently drops quartz and transforms into lava when broken

Fixed Potion Sickness (Again!)

Added Fallen Stars

-Have a small chance to drop from the sky

Added Partial Spanish Translations

Added Custom Advancements

Added Crystal Hearts and Life Crystals

-Can be found underground, used to increase maximum life

Corrupt Grass now spreads

Blue Jellyfish now only spawn underground

Terracraftia now requires cheats to work

Absolutely decimated countless bugs and glitches



Added uses for copper, more zombie variants, a couple of Minisharks here and there, and other interesting stuff!



Fixed Potion Sickness

-Lasts for 60 seconds after being healed by mushrooms!

Added Blowpipe

-Shoots seeds!

-Seeds can be obtained by using the same method used to find wheat seeds.

Updated Some Textures


-Yellow Marigold!

Added Blue Berries


-Will improve when dyes are implemented!

Added Copper Ore


-Will gain functionality in V4.



Added Mushrooms

-They're Edible!

-Commonly found in forests and plains!

-Heals 6 health!

-Gives potion sickness when eaten! [Broken! Will be fixed in TerracraftiaV3]


Added Wooden Boomerang


-Currently uncraftable!



Added Yellow Marigold [Texture will be changed in next update]


-Found slightly less commonly in forests and plains!



Added many unusable items and blocks


Alternate download: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/terracraftia

Usage Rights and Other Info

  • You can use this mod in a showcase or modpack without notifying me, but make sure to give me credit.
  • All Rights Reserved unless otherwise explicitly stated.



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Feel free to comment below for any suggestions, bugs, questions, or just plain comments! I guarantee that I will reply within 2 days!

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