Venom Mod

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This is my first mod, I'm planning on adding a lot of things from the Venom/Spider-Man Universe to this mod.  If you have any suggestions for new mobs, symbiotes, web shooters, weapons/tools, armor, (I'm already planning on adding in the Radioactive Spider), and/or items, please let me know in the comments. (please add details about your idea.)

In this mod you can:

  • Become Venom, and both have his powers and have his consequences
  • Use Spider-Man's Web Shooters
  • And become Carnage

I hope you enjoy this mod! If you have any problems let me know.

PS: The game may crash when overloaded.

Modification files
Venom Mod.mcr - Venom Mod Version 1.0 Test/Beta68.8 KB

How do I download this now? My game won't recognize it because it is an mcr file and not a jar file.