fun blocks mod

Published by mr.katten on Sun, 02/17/2019 - 00:39
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this is my first mod (so please don't get mad at me)

the main purpose of this mod is the UgLe BlUk, it is like a lucky block, but has 50+ drops. if you want to know what the other items are than you have to download this mod


if you want to update this mod yourself then I will include the .mcr file (you will need MCreator)

Modification files
fun blocks mod by mr_katten.jar - this file is the mod (:9.76 MB
fun blocks.mcr - this is the file you need to import into MCreator (:16.1 MB

and make a real description , don't say " to know what's in the mod download it" because people prefer download things that they are sure they exist