Emerald and Obsidian Mod

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This adds:

Emerald Biome/Spawns Villages for trading

Emerald Weapons

Emerald Armor

Obsidian Weapons 

Obsidian Armor

Version 1.0.4

MC 1.12.2

Modification files
Emerald and Obsidian Mod.zip - Download-MC 1.12.2Uploaded on: 02/18/2019 - 18:41   File size: 1.02 MB

Added better armor textures 

Added obsidian weapons and armor

fixed bugs

I'm so sorry I didn't respond to you. I appreciate your comment. Have a look at my About Me if you want to join our discord. Everyone there is super kind and we host 4 modded servers with suggested features. If we get more people my team will expand to greater lengths to give the people what they want.