Corrupted Dimension

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Hello everyone and welcome to the corrupted dimension mod made in mcreator. There was a whole new dimension added along with tools, armor, and 2 dimension specific mobs. This is my first mod so let me know what you think, the portal frame is made out of coal blocks and the igniter is crafted using the bow crafting formation just replace where you'd usually put the string with stone. Requires Recommended Version Of Forge 1.12.2!!!

Mod Update:

TaintedStone Ore added [Spawns in overworld]

Tainted Dust added [Dropped by TaintedStone Ore

Tainted Coal Block added [surround a coal block with tainted dust]

Portal Frame now made out of Tainted Coal Blocks instead of Coal Blocks

Corrupted Creeper Texture updated now looks alot better

Modification files