Inf Mod Core

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Minecraft Forge mod
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The Inf Mod Core is the core of many Inf Mod Packs. If you want to see some Inf Mod Packs then have a look at my profile.

The Mod include 1 Tool which you only can get in the creative mode

The Mod

The mod was made by the team The Hacker Studios and released by Leonard 007 member of The Hacker Studios)


The Packs:

Inf Mod Money Pack

Inf Mod Huge Pack


We dont work anymore on this Mod

Modification files
IMC [1.0].jar - First version of the Inf Mod Core16.46 KB

Could you please add a proper description of what this mod does/adds?
There's no possible way for me to see what this mod or any of the expansion packs actually contain.

Attach all parts in the same mod, do not reuse mod picture or separate parts/updates into separate posts as we do not permit this.