Minecraft Additions

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The Minecraft Additions mod adds new items, blocks, crafting recipes, and biomes. Some things added in this mod include craftable chainmail, a new biome, a new mob, new ores, and even a new dimension!

Craftable Items

  • Grass
  • Elytra
  • Saddle
  • Chainmail Armor

Insanity Dimension

Includes mobs such as Illusioners, Witches, and Hellwalkers!


Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
  • Tweaked Rusted Iron spawning.
  • Added Rusted Iron Block.
  • Added Ruby Ore.
  • Added Ruby tools.
  • Changed the Wasteland biome.
    • Added Scorched Wood.
    • Added Wasteland Dirt.
    • Added Wasteland Grass.
  • Added Insanity, a new dimension.
    • Added Insanity biome and Insane Plains.
    • Added Hellwalkers.
    • Added Insanity Ore.
    • Added Insanity Gems.
    • Added Insanity Block.
  • Deleted some unused textures.