Porkzilla mod *size update coming soon*

Submitted by Joproyo on Sat, 02/23/2019 - 05:59
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A new threat appears in your world, PORKZILLA THE GIANT PIG MONSTER and all her friends! in order to defeat her you must travel into an insane dimension, go through 5 different dungeons each ending on it's own boss, all while collecting items to prepare yourself for the insane Porkzilla battle. In order to summon him you must combine the essence of the Ender Dragon and the Wither. And then defeat 5 bosses, each harder and stronger than the last, until you meet the final boss WITHER QUEEN!

Full story:

You spawn in your world, you suddenly find a note on the ground after punching some grass. You right click it and it seems to be a warning, warning you about Porkzilla and how you must travel to the bedrock dimension. (Use PorkOre blocks as portal frame and 2 cooked porkchops to craft the key.) You then visit this dimension and find 5 different dungeons, each with it's own boss that drops a cool item (such as bedrock breaker, Ultra enchanter, and radiated feathers). Suddenly you visit a tree dungeon, in it lies the Porkzilla Baby. You defeat him, only for him to drop a note that tells you that killing him is useless and the only way to Summon porkzilla is by combining the dragon egg and the nether star. You do that and craft a Porkzilla summoner. Armed with the porkore set that you obtained from mining and from loot chests in the dungeons, you set out to kill the first boss. The Living Axe. After killing him, you obtain him, a giant axe that does 50 damage. You then move on and summon Porkzilla, who you kill using some notch apples. He drops the porkset, the pork sword and the pork pickaxe which is used to kill the next two bosses. The zombie king, and porkzilla 2. Porkzilla 2 then drops the final most OP set, the witherproof set, alongside a witherdestroyer and witherslayer. You then get ready for the toughest battle yet, but as soon as you are about to kill her, something strange happens..... 



All chestplates are meant to give out healthboost, but it can be a bit buggy so if it doesn't give it automatically in 2 minutes, just add in yourself

(porkore chestplate: healthboost 15, porkchestplate: healthboost 30, witherproof chestplate: healthboost 45)

JEI highly recommended

The bosses that can be summoned from the Porkzilla SUmmoner are meant to be done in order top to bottom (except the dragon is meant to be a rideable pet but is still WIP)

Ultra enchanter also slightly broken because it doesn't take levels, will fix that in the next update.

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

Porkzilla mod 1.0: Added the original 5 bosses, with the main armors and weapons

Porkzilla mod 1.1: fixed ore spawning bug, reduced witherqueen death explosion

Porkzilla mod 1.4: The mod is now told as a story line as opposed to just bosses, Added in new dungeons in a new bedrock dimension, Added in new mini bosses for each respective dungeon

Future updates: Increase the sizes of the bosses, fix the dragon pet, add new dungeons and cool items

Awesome mod! How did get a wither model and make the models bigger?

Submitted by Joproyo on Tue, 03/19/2019 - 11:19

Huge update coming soon!